Gifts and FAQs


Your attendance is a gift! Donations to our honeymoon fund are also welcome. You can Venmo or Cash app us if you like.

Venmo @Michele-Adams-76

Cash @$jgharrison

Cash @michele727


* Dress your casual best with a little flair, or… wear whatever you want. Be comfortable and please wear sensible shoes! If you wear heels you will fall down and we will all laugh at you, promise.

* Well socialized pets are welcome but must be managed on-leash at all times. Absolutely no exceptions as there are goats and ducks and people scared of dogs.

* Oh yeah! There’s goats and ducks!!!

* There is no cell phone or wifi service at Four Directions Retreat.

* Don’t forget your sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and camp or lawn chair or blanket.

* Nearby attractions? We’ve heard there is river swimming, hiking and small town pleasures. We will check it out and report back here later.

* Light no fires in August, of course.

* Additional questions? You have our numbers! If not, email us at adams.harrison.2023 at gmail