Schedule of Events


August 4-6, 2023


Camping available and we’ll serve dinner around 6:30/7 so let us know if you’ll be there!


Noon – 4 pm Arrival, welcoming reception and lawn games

4pm Ceremony and remarks

4:30-7pm Dinner by Hallows Pizza

6:45pm Cake!

7:00-10:00pm Whitaker Hot Club

– Camping available –


8:30-10am Breakfast

10am  clean up, pack up and go home

_______________________________THE DETAILS__________________________


We will be at Four Directions Retreat setting up beginning Friday afternoon. You are welcome to come camp out with us Friday night. We will have a simple dinner of salmon, chicken, caesar salad and garlic bread around 6:30/7pm.


Noon · Welcoming reception with refreshments. Enjoy the amusements – explore the delights of Four Directions Retreat, play yard games and mingle.

4pm · Ceremony and Remarks

* Bring your own camp/lawn chair.

* Dress your casual best, with a little flair. This is a natural environment; sensible footwear is recommended.

* The ceremony location is not shaded so be prepared for hot & sunny (shade is available nearby). Don’t forget sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.

4:30 – 7pm · Hallows Pizza will be serving pizza (gf crust by request), focaccia, salads and grilled vegetables – just stop by the outdoor kitchen when you are hungry!

6:45pm · Cake!

7:00 pm · Whitaker Hot Club

Late · Camping is available onsite and choice spots will be preassigned so get your RSVPs in yo!


8:30-10am · We’d like to see you off with a full belly so join us for breakfast at the outdoor kitchen.

Noon · Go home!